Fun outdoor activity ideas for the whole family this Easter!

Fun outdoor activity ideas for the whole family this Easter!

We have officially bounced into spring and Hazel loves nothing more than exploring the great forest and climbing trees! This time of year is all about new beginnings, longer and brighter days. As we hear and see new life all around us, it is the perfect time to get outdoors and explore more. We have some great activity suggestions that will get you outside and cost nothing but your time!

Take a look below at our 5 top ideas to enjoy the outdoors this holiday:

  • Tree Climbing – big or small trees, this is great exercise, great for self esteem and confidence and as long as it’s supervised GREAT FUN!
  • Easter Egg hunt – if you don’t want to give your children more chocolate and sweets then cut out some paper eggs or get some little chicks to hide around the garden for your little ones to find. Just like squirrels, children like to hide and find things!!
  • Easter rock painting – a lovely activity to do indoors if it’s raining and then as soon as the weather clears up you can go and hide your creations for someone else to find. Make sure you decorate them with an Easter theme!
  • Spring themed scavenger hunt – make a list of all the new plants, flowers and wildlife that start appearing in Spring and see how many you can find.
  • Obstacle course – Squirrels are very clever and inquisitive animals, set them up an obstacle course with a promise of food at the end and they will figure it out in no time. Why not set up an obstacle course for your children in the garden, if you want them to work for their Easter treats then this is a wonderful way to get them active first!

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