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The Squirrel's Tail Colouring Book

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16 pages of colouring activities, featuring 12 artworks from the book and 3 all-new drawings.

A4 colouring book, printed in UK on recycled paper.

The inspiration  behind The Squirrel’s Tail was the author’s experience taking care of his daughter after surgery. Being immobile in a cast, constantly sitting at a table, many hours were spent with jigsaw puzzles and colouring books as, well as reading children's books.

The Great Forest is full of colouring fun! Grab your pencils and pens and follow Hazel the squirrel on her adventures to create your very own fantastical trees and bright, bushy tails. 


A charming and colourful tale of Hazel the squirrel, and story of adventure, hope and the special bond between father and daughter. Beautifully illustrated, our toddler twin boys loved looking out for all the woodland animals and were captivated by Hazel’s wonderful new tail!


Kent, UK

This is such a touching, ebullient and comforting book - I love it! It is sure to please children whether they are having to endure challenges comparable to your daughter’s or not…And the illustrations are such fun and so sprightly too.

Kate Kellaway

former children's book reviewer The Observer

A fun and beautifully illustrated story of Hazel the Squirrel and her ingenious Dad, who comes to her rescue when she most needs it. This is a really lovely book!


Edinburgh, UK

A gloriously touching tale of adventure, despair, empathy and.. tails! & a real-life adventure of love and bravery to boot.
Reisz is a wonderful wordsmith and an inspiring father. This is the perfect Christmas gift.



The book is amazing! My whole family loved the story. We loved the way it dealt with important issues and made good out of difficulty. We also thought the illustrations are spot on.



We thoroughly enjoyed this beautiful story during bedtime reading recently. My daughter, who is 7, was engrossed and thoroughly impressed with this Tale! It is uplifting and colourful in every sense. We highly recommend it.


London, UK

My eight year old really enjoyed it and ended up reading himself the last half of the book. He is not a keen reader so this is pretty impressive! It’s a lovely story that can help you have a number of important conversations with a little one. Definitely recommend it.


London, UK