Quality time with children - have you made your new year's resolutions yet?

Quality time with children - have you made your new year's resolutions yet?

Being a parent is exhausting and time consuming but we all have the same goal – to be the best that we can be for our children. Here are some ideas for your New Year’s resolution, and remember being a parent isn’t about perfection it’s about giving them your love and your time:

  1. Listen more, talk less – show your child that you are interested in what they are telling you. With remote work, several children and constant screen distractions, it can be hard, but 15 minutes each day of undivided attention makes a huge difference.
  2. Spend more quality time together – don’t rush bedtimes. Reading a book together is a way to get cosy and wind down before bed, but also a way to bond and talk about topics that the child can relate to in the story.
  3. Unplug more – put down your phone, turn off the laptop and give your child your full attention. As with most behaviour, children are inspired by their parents and copy what they see. It can be hard with remote "always-on" work, but agreeing on a place to put phones and a screen schedule can help.
  4. Eat well and eat together – show your children how to be healthy whilst still enjoying their meals. Sitting together and talking about the day's activities or the day ahead is a great way to bond. Oral games can also be a fun way to keep children at the table if they've finished before you.
  5. Go on more adventures! I’ll leave that to your imagination but Hazel has lots of adventures in The Great Forest 😊

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