Buy one book for yourself, and give one to a sick child

Buy one book for yourself, and give one to a sick child

Having written The Squirrel’s Tail to celebrate the extraordinary strength of children as they face life’s challenges, I’m delighted to launch the “Buy one, give one” campaign, where for every book bought during the weekend of 25th-27th February, we will gift one to children at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

The story of Squirrel’s Tail was inspired by my daughter’s struggles and recovery after major surgery at Great Ormond Street Hospital. So it feels fantastic to be able to donate books to children and parents going through rough times and give them a moment of hope and joy.

Having donated some books to children’s hospital libraries, I recently found out that GOSH has a Squirrel Ward, the perfect home for Hazel fans 😊 I’ve been in contact with amazing and inspiring healthcare play specialists on Instagram (Kimberly @playinhospital and Georgina @playspecialistmama). If you need amazing craft and play ideas, make sure to follow them! Kimberly kindly agreed to distribute the books amongst the wards.

All you need to do is put a copy of the book (or 2!) in your basket, and checkout. You can buy the book here. It's as easy as that! Not only will you get to snuggle with someone special whilst reading a heartwarming story, someone else who really needs it will benefit too. ⁠

Please do share our campaign with all of your friends and followers so we can gift as many books as possible!⁠

The motto of Great Ormond Street Hospital is ‘The child first and always.’ I am so grateful for this as it is exactly what we experienced when our daughter had major hip surgery as a toddler. You can read more about her treatment here.

More about Great Ormond Street family support

The range of support projects that GOSH provide are there to help give an enhanced patient and family experience. With a team of 38 charity-funded Play experts they are able to interact with more than 160 patients and siblings every day to bring fun into the hospital and help patients come to terms with their illness. GOSH Arts provide creative stimulation and brighten up the hospital community with art and live music. Their Chaplaincy team provide support and advice for parents, and their accommodation services keep families together.